With the spotlight on sustainability issues, people are looking to brands to help make a difference. The LEGO Group is committed to creating a more sustainable world and needed help in effectively showing their audiences the positive change they are creating through compelling and credible sustainability reporting.



To strike the right balance between good practice disclosure and an engaging and robust report, we worked with LEGO to develop a clear content strategy. This strategy was informed by best practice reporting principles, a content and creative audit, and immersion in The LEGO Group brand. Working alongside experts from the LEGO Group, we delivered a report that tells its unique story in a transparent way, while staying true to the playfulness of the brand.



The report has helped to validate people’s love for the LEGO brand to reinforce it as a responsible company. Within the first week of its launch, the 2018 report campaign website has received more visits than 2017’s (approx. 7,500 vs. 388).

I’m very proud of the LEGO Group’s 2018 Responsibility Report. Working with Radley Yeldar was a real pleasure, the team at RY were very professional and with their support, we’ve delivered a high-quality report that engages our stakeholders with great stories.” – Matt Whitby, Environmental Engagement Manager, The LEGO Group.


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