Smiths Group is a leading technology-driven, global engineering business and a top FTSE 100 company. RY’s challenge was to develop one engaging story for its stakeholders, including investors, employees, regulators, influencers and many more. The story needed to play out across the annual report and its new corporate website.




Despite disconnects in Smiths’ story, one thing stays true: the things that make it unique are below the surface. Precision. Accuracy. Detail. Its reputation and revenue are built on these.

The strategy was to show the value Smiths’ innovation creates. The narrative focused on three priorities: telling the growth story; making the technology tangible; and contextualising the divisions. Precision was brought alive through creative.

We linked elements of the report – such as strategic direction, improved KPIs, risk and governance – and crafted a new business model articulating how divisions of the company are stronger together.



The client was delighted with this ecosystem approach to their 2017 Corporate Report and website. It exceeded expectations and had a significant impact on how Smiths present themselves to the outside world, aiding conversations with their key stakeholders. Ultimately, Smiths Group now has a consistent, sustainable and future-forward story to tell.


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