Shell’s operations are vast, its audiences varied, and the information it needs to share can be complex and technical. They needed a digital framework that considered all these elements and still delivered a consistent, engaging experience to all users.



We set up collaborative working groups dedicated to five core areas: Insights; Content; User Experience; Visual identity; and Technology. We then defined a set of ‘top tasks’ identified in user research, and made these the firm focus of an information architecture and design toolkit.

Our prototype was tested with users and acted as a reference point for Shell’s technical team when building the site. Four rounds of independent testing ensured that Shell’s ambitions and audience’s demands perfectly aligned. Having developed a clear content and architecture rationale for Shell’s global and local websites, we rolled this design system out to other Shell websites: testing, learning and iteratively improving throughout the process.



The digital roadmap is owned and managed by Shell, giving internal continuity and visibility to the journey the company is undertaking. 100 websites were launched in one year, with 27k pages of content migrated. It has resulted in an impressive six million page views, eight international awards, £2 million saved by Shell and one delighted client.


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