Severn Trent’s purpose is to serve its communities and build a lasting water legacy. 

RY’s challenge was to put this at the heart of the annual report, explaining how it’s driving growth and shaping the industry.

Creating a closer link between the business model, resources and relationships critical to success was a vital part of this.



The company had an impactful new brand, ‘Wonderful on Tap’. Reflecting this in the report was essential. We started with a powerful messaging section, connecting company activities to customer value, brought to life using the new brand’s bold creative. Next, we developed a business model identifying critical resources and key relationships. This neatly linked to a dedicated section on how these critical inputs are nurtured and managed. We revised the overall structure of the report, linking strategy, risk and ODIs, creating one, coherent narrative throughout.



The client is delighted. The report has played an important role in raising awareness of the new brand and linking performance to Severn Trent’s long-term purpose.

What’s more, the company was highly commended in the PwC Building Public Trust Awards 2018 for its approach to executive remuneration reporting. The linkages between strategy and remuneration were applauded, particularly the inclusion of considerations around social mobility.


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