Given the increasing public focus on plastics as sustainable packaging, RPC felt it important to produce its first standalone responsibility report.

Having worked together on the annual report for five years, RY was asked to help communicate the company’s evolving sustainability story, crucially demonstrating its commitment to continuously improving its responsible approach.



A close collaboration with stakeholders and great respect for the environment have underpinned RPC’s growth. It has driven the company’s constant sustainability innovation, delivering beneficial solutions for its own operations, customers and supply chain. 

Addressing stakeholder issues and showing RPC’s understanding of the relevant guidelines drove the structure of the report. The final product included five focus areas with key benefits picked out using strong typography and clever use of illustration to bring complex information to life. 



RPC was very pleased with its first responsibility report and we received positive feedback from stakeholders whose issues and agendas were so instrumental in the development of the report.

It strongly communicated the company’s approach to continuous improvement, with examples of how it was innovating to ensure it meets its own environmental responsibilities.


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