In 2018, building society, Nationwide saw a dramatic increase in app usage and contactless payments. The company made significant investments in technology and wanted to produce an online version of its strategy report to not only appeal to a broader audience, but to also demonstrate its digital capabilities and ability to meet the future needs of its members in a modern, digital society. 



To showcase its digital capabilities and broaden exposure to a wider, more varied audience, it made sense for Nationwide to produce an online report. We took a story-led approach, focusing on the stories of its members to demonstrate the benefits and strategy in action.

We worked closely with key Nationwide stakeholders to identify the specific needs of all departments. We also looked at best practice examples both within and beyond the sector to see what approach would best fit with Nationwide’s vision. Based on our findings, we advised how the site could be structured and align with the printed report. 



As it was the first year Nationwide produced an online report, no KPIs were set. The focus for this inaugural report was to try a new approach and see how it would be received by its members.

The content was lifted word for word from the printed report but shaped in a way that made the site more personal and member focused. 


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