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We created belief…

in Mondi’s future by
making sustainable growth
opportunities real

Primed for growth

Growing demand for eCommerce and sustainable packaging presents a huge opportunity for Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper group. Its Integrated Report needed to bring clarity to a complex story and build a compelling case for how the company is well positioned to capture this opportunity.

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A structured story

We restructured Mondi’s reporting content around the Group’s new sustainability framework, MAP2030, which grouped commitments, targets and responsible practices under three action areas. Organising content in this way helped put Mondi’s ambitious sustainability goals - and the progress made so far – in context. We featured word pairings throughout the report to show how Mondi’s strengths and stakeholder relationships combine to ‘unpack’ opportunities for growth. Elsewhere, we considered regulatory requirements and audience needs, integrating TCFD and SASB disclosures.

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Growth today and tomorrow

Mondi’s Integrated Report communicates not just how Mondi is well placed to respond to growth opportunities in the short term, but also how the Group is primed to protect and advance value well into the future.

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