Mondi – a leading global packaging and paper group – is driving to contribute to a better world by making innovative, sustainable packaging and paper solutions. It's ‘Sustainable by design’ vision, sits at the centre of that ambition and drives everything it does. The aim of the 2019 reporting suite was to demonstrate how this mantra is maximising the potential of the business, while inspiring and creating value for all its stakeholders.


Mondi’s purpose of ‘Sustainable by design’ is embedded in everything it does. In fact, it’s what makes Mondi. This year’s reporting suite aims to demonstrate how this mantra flows throughout its business. Using the new brand to maximise visual impact, the report identifies the value created for all of Mondi’s stakeholders – from employees, communities and suppliers. The report also works hard to show how engagement with these key stakeholders informs decision-making and drives strategy and performance.


Mondi’s award-winning approach to reporting has ensured that the 2019 integrated report provides a transparent, connected and coherent performance narrative. One that not only evidences financial stability, but also provides a clear view of its markets, strategy and sustainable commitments. As well as how it values and nurtures its relationships with key stakeholders.

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