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We created belief...

in Microsoft’s delivery of the
biggest environmental commitments
in its history

The cover page of the sustainability report with the scene of aurora
From pledge to progress

In January 2020, Microsoft announced bold commitments to be carbon negative by 2030, zero waste by 2030 and water positive by 2030, while removing all its historical carbon by 2050. A year on, Microsoft needed to show its goals were being backed by action: that it had moved from pledge to progress. And that where it went, others could too.

A collage of a forest, a lake and paper waste for Microsoft's sustainability commitments regarding carbon, water, waste and land
Progress made real

Microsoft’s ambitious goals demanded reporting that demonstrated a holistic approach to the tangible actions being taken, all communicated through a clear and humble tone. We inspired readers and other businesses to take measures of their own through an engaging and accessible ‘shared learnings’ format. We gave each focus area – carbon, water, waste and ecosystems – its own space, tying them together with an overarching narrative.

A factory and a woman carrying her child in the Zero Water page of the report
A goat and waterfall scenery in the Ecosystem page of the report
Two game consoles with Microsoft's statistics regarding the zero waste process
A path to follow

The report embodied Microsoft’s move from pledge to action and engaged readers of all kinds across the globe. Microsoft is now using it as a business-wide management tool as well as a method to democratise its knowhow beyond its borders. By being so open with its content, thinking and methods, the report has furthered Microsoft’s reputation among businesses all over the world as an organisation to learn and draw from.

The example of Microsoft's report pages within the Sustainability report