Microsoft’s devices supply chain is long and complex, giving rise to high-stakes challenges every day. From eliminating forced labour to lowering manufacturing emissions, many of these issues are outside the organisations’ direct control, yet stakeholders are demanding greater accountability. Our aim? To demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to leadership and transparency through the clear, concise and authentic Microsoft Devices Responsible Sourcing report. 


Microsoft believes that its products reflect the people who make them. But an overwhelming focus on policies and compliance risks dehumanising supply chains and overlooking the people behind the products. We sought to put the supplier back into the supply chain by revealing the people and partnerships involved in building products aligned with Microsoft’s values of integrity, accountability and respect at every stage. Ultimately, we aimed to show that Responsible Sourcing at Microsoft Devices is about far more than compliance: it’s about empowering people and building capacity to create the right outcomes. 


Framed around Microsoft’s three values, the report highlights the Microsoft Devices Responsible Sourcing team’s leading efforts to empower people along its supply chain, by sharing outlooks on complex issues and key enablers for addressing them. We hear directly from individual suppliers about their roles, and how they work in partnership with Microsoft to achieve more. 

See the report here

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