The world leader in high-quality products, LVMH has deployed a business model marked by dynamic growth since its creation in 1987. But it was now facing a period of unprecedented change. From a new generation of clients and employees, to the digital transformation of retail, the company was feeling the pressure to stay at the forefront. Our task was to help navigate this challenge and instil a joint sense of identity and understanding throughout the organisation.



Our approach was designed around which actions and behaviours employees thought made LVMH great and were inherent in ‘Being LVMH’. Built on a foundation of employee engagement exercises and refined through workshops, we used a variety of materials packaged together in a toolkit– from posters, postcards, presentations, films, HTML emails, online surveys and more – to help us achieve our aim.



The response to the project was overwhelming. From an initial target of holding 20 workshops for 400 participants, the final figure was more than 70 workshops and 1,680 participants in 21 cities globally. The online experience contributed a further 22,963 respondents (78% uptake) and 36,000 unique ideas for synthesis. Ultimately, we identified core actions and behaviours that united employees, providing a joint sense of what it means to be LVMH.


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