Cyber security company Kaspersky wanted to show the importance of protecting your phone connection, but on paper, the topic is boring. Kaspersky approached RY to create a bold, brave piece of entertaining content to help break through seemingly boring subject matter and show the vital importance of protecting your connection.



We zeroed in on a simple but powerful insight – while people don’t think about protecting their connection, they feel exposed when they aren’t connected – it’s like being naked. We translated this into a social experiment by sending an actual naked man into a suburban town. We filmed his journey to a specific and unknown location with no phone, money or clothes, capturing horrified reactions of passers-by in a ‘hidden camera’-style film.



The film successfully brought to life how much we rely on a safe and secure connection to help us go about our daily lives. The award-winning final product has been a hit with audiences worldwide. The content was so compelling that we’ve been appointed to produce a follow-up, behind-the-scenes film as part of a wider content campaign for Kaspersky.


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