Kaspersky Lab, a cyber security company, was suffering from low brand awareness. Additionally, most people didn’t care about their data, so they weren’t protecting it. RY developed a creative campaign that would demonstrate that data is valuable and needed protecting, and that Kaspersky Lab was the company to help you do it.



People don’t value data because they can’t see it – it’s intangible. So, we made it tangible by designing the Data Dollar: the world’s first currency based on personal data. 

We sold exclusive merchandise at a pop-up store in exchange for data off of consumers’ phones – personal photos, emails and WhatsApp conversations – and displayed their data on digital screens for all of Old Street Station to see.

Footage captured was then turned into a brand film.



Some people exchanged their data, some wouldn’t. We captured consumer reactions and created a compelling brand film that helped people realise their data is actually valuable and should be protected. The store was a huge success, with four-hour queues and hundreds of foot traffic. The film achieved great results:

  • 4 million impressions on Facebook
  • 336 million earned media impressions in outlets, such as Time Out and The Evening Standard

Earned results garnered nearly 100 comments, 400+ shares and 1,500+ likes for the film.

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