The modern business scandal of forced and exploitative labour was tackled in the UK by 2015’s Modern Slavery Act.

John Lewis Partnership is an award-winning pioneer in corporate responsibility reporting and takes its obligations seriously. The Partnership wanted to go beyond compliance. The law demanded a statement. Our client wanted a stand-alone Human Rights Report.



Our approach included a human rights communications workshop, ensuring alignment with the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGP) Reporting Framework. We structured the report to tell a straightforward, compelling story, bringing to life the Partnership’s unique history and anchoring its initiatives in the context of human rights issues. We carried this through in the design, using a “cutout” illustration style. This was in line with the Partnership’s reporting suite, but also kept the human factor clearly visible.



The publication of John Lewis Partnership’s Human Rights Report positions the organisation as one of only a handful of early adopters of the UNGP Reporting Framework. They know that the business cannot tackle modern slavery alone, but the report is important in furthering their commitment to working with a range of stakeholders to protect workers.

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