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We created belief...

by reinforcing Investec’s connectedness during the pandemic

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Purpose in the spotlight

Investec is a South African banking and wealth management company whose purpose, ‘to create enduring worth’, was brought into the spotlight the pandemic came along. How, exactly, did it deliver on that purpose during a global crisis? While Investec could point to good evidence, previous reports weren’t telling the company’s story in a way that helped audiences make easy connections between actions and impacts.

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Compelling connections

Our approach blended storytelling, structure and design. A new narrative held the various reports in Investec’s communications suite together. Story-driven spreads captured the company’s purpose and made simple connections between its successes and social contributions. And we used the new brand to make business model, strategy and governance sections more concise and compelling. Elsewhere, smarter integration with online editing platform Wdesk made it easy for client teams to update content and improved the efficiency of the entire production process.

A dynamic, committed force

Investec’s 2022 report is far more than a well-structured report that presents a simple, easy to navigate experience for readers. It confidently brings to life how Investec’s capabilities, people and markets work together as one to create a better future for clients and communities. In an uncertain world, it captures Investec’s character as a dynamic, forward-looking company with people and purpose at its heart.

The example of many pages within Investec's 2022 annual report
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