Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) was having trouble standing out in an increasingly competitive industry. It had no compelling brand, values, vision or purpose. Partners found it hard to answer the simple question: ‘why HFW?’.

RY was brought in to help with its brand positioning and a visual identity that would inject energy and differentiation.



An analysis of the market and a series of stakeholder interviews across several countries helped us identify the white space HFW could own. The result was a new brand that focused on HFW’s ‘personal touch’ and progressive expertise with a fresh, modern visual identity.

We made sure the company could deliver the new brand at launch with a brand film, an ownable set of values, brand guidelines, templates and an internal engagement programme.



The project was an all-round success. The brand is now being rolled out across all of HFW’s 18 global offices.

From environmental signage, stationery and brand films to employee engagement campaigns and a suite of marketing collateral, HFW now has a fresh, differentiating look and feel. And, most importantly, it now knows how to introduce itself to the world with clarity and consistency.


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