GSK approached us to create a film to show how it is working to combat one of the biggest global health challenges of the 21st century, Malaria. As part of GSK’s Global Health Initiative, this film was required to reinforce a message about positive collaboration and scientific progress. It also needed to showcase that GSK and its partners are using scientific expertise to save millions of young lives in developing countries.



We worked closely with Dr Neyoke Otsyula, who had a strong involvement in the development of the Malaria vaccine and the trial. She tells us scope of the problem, the impact and the process of developing a vaccine. This was particularly poignant for her as both herself and her daughter have previously contracted the disease. The honest, intimate and emotive film tells a powerful story through authentic messages about positive collaboration and scientific progress.


The film was launched internally during Global Health Week in November and has received excellent feedback so far. It was also shortlisted as a Finalist at the New York Festivals TV & Film awards for Corporate Image, Employee Engagement.

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