GSK noticed that the majority of scientific representations in its pharmaceutical sector were dark, over-used and clichéd. It approached RY to look at the way it represents science in its brand photography, with a special focus on unseen science - exploring how to illustrate it in a modern, ownable and intriguing way.


We began auditing how science, innovation and tech were represented by GSK, its competitors and similar sectors. We noticed that outside of the pharmaceutical sector there was greater use of colour and white space, as well as more intriguing imagery.

We worked with GSK to develop a style of photography that lent itself perfectly to visualise science. We modelled molecules and objects in 3D using photo realistic rendering techniques to create powerful images and short animations for both on and offline use. We then developed a set of design principles to govern the creation of new images, and are continuing to work with GSK to help it visualise science in this way.


The images were incredibly well received by GSK and have since become a consistent part of its brand identity. The 3D models have also been used as the basis of GSK’s 3D printing - creating physical versions of the images, as well as them living in print and digital formats. The science images have become a well-recognised way of GSK communicating about new scientific initiatives, and updates on its key therapy areas.

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