GSK wanted to transform its HR-driven learning culture to be modern, employee-led and accessible. But huge numbers (130,000+) work globally across a variety of roles from lab workers, to senior leaders. This diverse community means there’s a wide range of development needs to be met.



Learning at Work Week (LAWW) was designed to immerse employees in a self-driven learning culture. Its format balanced traditional approaches with new technology, incorporated the power of learning from peers and recognised that emotion can make learnings stick.

We developed the creative idea, ‘Becoming Connected’, to inspire colleagues to take control. Campaign toolkits equipped leaders and on-the-ground teams with inspiration and materials to run their own learning events. Activities ranged from group exercises, symposia, to VR stations.



The campaign had a big impact across the whole business. 91% of employees participated in LAWW activities and 94% wanted it to take place the following year. In addition, it prompted a 75% increase in the number of learning resources accessed and 38% increase in the number of people taking training courses. The client was delighted, believing LAWW “accelerated a culture shift to make people more proactive – and positive – about their own development at GSK”.

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