Property investment and development company, Great Portland Estates plc (GPE), owns over £2.6 billion in assets across London and is heavily invested in shaping a sustainable future. 

Having worked with GPE for over a decade on various projects, such as its annual reporting, brand, website, long-term vision for sustainability and more, we were asked to assist GPE in conducting a materiality assessment to understand if its current approach to sustainability matched stakeholder expectations. 



We designed and facilitated GPE’s materiality process by conducting a detailed desktop review of key trends shaping its operating environment, interviews and an online survey. Many companies fail to use materiality in a strategic way, so we were determined to help GPE go further. We used insights from the materiality process to prioritise GPE’s approach to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and expand its risk register to include social and environmental issues.



GPE is now better equipped to monitor, manage and report transparently on the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability.

The final output was included its latest report and was a big step forward for GPE, who is now able to meet the ever-evolving sustainability requirements of its stakeholders, especially investors.


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