Originally conceived as a short-term advertising campaign to capitalise on the 2012 London Olympics, the potential for GREAT to build Britain’s reputation over the long-term was quickly identified by the government.

We were briefed by no.10 to look at how the campaign could be reimagined to encourage more businesses, more tourists and more students from around the world to invest, visit and study in our country. 




We transformed the campaign into a brand. We developed core content pillars for GREAT and codified our strategy into comprehensive guidelines that could be used internationally.

Having defined the new brand principles, we expressed GREAT across an ever-evolving range of applications and opportunities, including large-scale advertising campaigns, vehicle liveries, films, exhibitions, and much more.

For 5 years we partnered no.10 as guardians for the brand and worked extensively with the FCO, UKTI and Visit Britain.



As of 2016, the brand was estimated by the National Audit Office to have delivered a direct return to the country of over £1.2bn.

It also resulted in:

  • A 16% uplift in intention to visit the UK
  • A 16% uplift in intention to invest in the UK
  • A 12% uplift in intention to procure UK products and services


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