2020 was the year Ferrero decided to push its sustainability strategy and reporting to new levels, in line with its new purpose ‘We Care for the Better’.


We started by developing the concept for the new sustainability strategy, anchored in Ferrero’s purpose. After interviewing key senior stakeholders from various business functions representing its broad value chain, we leveraged Ferrero’s recent materiality assessment to inform the development of four new strategic pillars and associated commitments. These pillars seamlessly intersect with Ferrero’s existing policies and raw ingredient strategies. Supported by key enablers, the strategic framework provides a basis for the development of detailed targets. We brought the strategy to life using the visual identity created for the new report, to ensure a seamless experience.

In parallel, we developed Ferrero’s new approach to reporting with an emphasis on streamlining the content and telling a compelling and balanced story about the company’s sustainability efforts and future vision. Crucially, the report blends Ferrero’s rich heritage with its pioneering and innovative spirit, whilst demonstrating credibility through GRI alignment. We accompanied the report launch with and social assets and content to drive awareness.


Ferrero’s new sustainability strategy provides a strong, engaging and unified sustainability vision; a great springboard for developing further targets. The report is a momentous step forward, appealing to a broader range of audiences in a visually engaging way. 

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