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We created belief...

by elevating Entain’s responsible, trailblazing spirit

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Proving positive change

Entain is a unique mix of innovation, digital leadership, and trailblazing spirit. We needed to elevate its investor communications to capture the company’s true nature, show how the company has evolved culturally and demonstrate how its people and technology deliver tangible results for investors and society.

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Driven by a big idea

Our work was led by one big idea, ‘it’s your game’, that propelled bold, dynamic content that showcased strategic progress and encapsulated the essence of what makes Entain different: proprietary technology and a strengthened sustainability charter. Powerful language delivered impactful stories in a fresh and engaging way, and a short interactive summary online invited generalist audiences into the company’s story in an accessible, bitesize way.

The design of a report page that includes a lot of people doing different activities
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Reflecting uniqueness

The report showcased Entain as a true digital leader, engaging audiences in its story with content and a style that matched what it uniquely is and stands for. By communicating its strengthened governance, strategic progress and technology in an unmistakably Entain way, we were able to show the responsible, collaborative side of the business in action.

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