Our challenge was to create a reporting suite that reflects Entain’s mix of innovation, digital leadership, and trailblazing spirit. We needed to elevate its investor communications to capture how the company has evolved culturally, illustrating the company’s digital ambitions and how its people and technology deliver not only tangible results for investors but also societal gain.


Bold, dynamic spreads centred around the company’s strategic progress encapsulated the essence of what makes Entain different - its proprietary technology, its strengthened sustainability charter and exciting growth opportunities. For the printed report, we used the brand’s distinctive typographic elements and bold editorial conventions to deliver impactful stories in a fresh and engaging way.

For the online report, we created a short interactive summary, bringing to life key statements, financial performance, and inviting users to explore Entain’s progress against its strategy, while pushing more specialist users to download the full report. Both the printed and online reports capture the company’s digital strengths, commitment to its customers and strong leadership.


The 2021 reporting suite showcased Entain as a true sector leader in a way that synched with its new brand and status in the industry as a digital leader. We were able to communicate Entain’s strengthened governance, strategic progress and technology in an unmistakably Entain way - showing a more responsible, collaborative side of the company in action.

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