Capita, a leading provider of technology-enabled services, was going through some big changes, including a move to a new headquarters at the Copyright Building in Fitzrovia. The move was an opportunity to share something new with their employees. Our challenge was to create a space that remained true to the building’s heritage while telling Capita’s brand story.



At first glance, Capita’s offer seems very diverse. However, their approach and philosophy across all they do is connected and it was important to show this through the story we told in our work, as well as a functional direction-finding system.

We used a graphic frame based on the distinctive shape and proportion of the building’s windows as a linking motif. The frames created a unified set of spaces that told rich image-based stories, bringing Capita’s wide variety of work to life in an engaging and imaginative way, culminating in a narrative that showed the company’s connected world and its purpose to create better outcomes.



We made Capita’s story tangible for their clients, while engaging employees with wellbeing messages encouraging flexible working, health and downtime. The new space sent a powerful message of ambition and change coming to the ‘new’ Capita. To help make this change happen, the message and creative continues to be rolled out across all its offices.

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