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We created belief…

in BP’s journey to becoming a more diverse and inclusive company

Example of an image from the report design with a group of bp workers walking together in a wind farm field and an illustration with the title talent behind them
A landmark first report

Starting from scratch in reporting isn’t easy – especially when you have vast amounts of data and pressure from multiple departments to push multiple messages. Facing these challenges, bp approached us to help shape its first ever standalone diversity and inclusion report. The report needed to help the business take the next step on its journey towards leadership – and becoming a bp that better reflected the world around it. 

Image of a blind man with a cane walking with someone supporting him on top of a diversity, equity and inclusion report 2021 banner
An authentic narrative

We helped bp tell a transparent, measured story that focused on the issues that matter most. By building alignment around core principles first and sourcing content second, we were able to build an overarching narrative that struck a balance between the current state of affairs at bp, its goals for the future and the plan for getting there. The result: an engaging, dynamic report that validated bp’s strategy and played its part in a push for continuous progress.

View of digital report design on a tablet with image of 2 people having a meeting on the right and then infographics to the left
Example of the report design with a chart of numbers on the left and then a photo of a man and a woman smiling at the camera with a title above on how to navigate the report
Photograph of BP workers in boiler suits in a meeting together
Far more than communication

bp’s inaugural D&I report was well received internally and won ‘Best Approach to D&I Reporting’ at the Strategic Comms Awards in 2021, proving just starting out is no barrier to success. Most importantly, the report set the tone for bp’s ongoing transparency on D&I and has been used since to keep the company focused and accountable. 

Example of report design with an illustration of the world map and numbers for continents on the top