Reimagining energy on a global scale is a mission that needs everyone’s input - which is why bp approached us to help give a clear, compelling, and transparent picture of its diversity and inclusion work. Creating an organisation that attracts and retains diverse talent within an equitable and inclusive employee experience requires more than a tick-box exercise – it requires true transparency. 



 In 2021, we helped bp release its first standalone diversity and inclusion report. This is the next step on a journey to recognition as an industry leader, and a bp that better reflects the world around it. Starting from scratch in reporting isn’t easy. Especially when you’ve got a whole globe’s worth of data, and a different message or priority from every department. But by building alignment first and content second, we set a clear overarching narrative and struck a balance of focus between the current state of affairs and the plan for the future – resulting in a report which is engaging, dynamic, and above all drives its wider strategy. 



bp’s inaugural D&I report was well received internally – and has set a strong foundation to continually build upon. It has achieved external recognition too, winning Strategic Comms Awards’ Best Approach to D&I Reporting 2021 showing that just starting out is no barrier to success. See the report here.

"It was both refreshing and challenging to have a blank canvas – but our overarching guiding principle was our aim for increased transparency. The report is one of the ways we are keeping the company focused on DE&I and we want employees and others to hold us accountable for making progress by disclosing data and being transparent about where we need to improve."

Alice Revels, Head of Corporate Reporting at bp

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