Global skincare company, Beiersdorf, needed to increase adoption of its new collaboration platform *blueplanet, across its diverse employee base. The tool promised to be ‘simply the better way to work’, but getting a busy workforce interested in its benefits was a challenge. 

Our brief was to develop a campaign that would grab attention, generate enthusiasm, and drive its adoption.



Our campaign featured day-to-day frustrating work scenarios – something all employees related to. Brought to life through short, sharp animations, designed to raise a smile, we developed four animated sequences that played to these experiences. The call to action was clear: ‘just go to *blueplanet’. Usage of captions and comical sound design added to the fun, making the sequences accessible and memorable. Engagement was driven with careful messaging and toolkits, distributed globally by Community Managers.



The campaign was a great success, supporting wider engagement activities and lifting the platform to 12,000 users (out of 17,000 employees). The overall engagement campaign resulted in a 39.9% increase in unique monthly users, 45.6% increase in unique weekly users and 62.2% increase in unique daily users. 

Ultimately, the campaign helped shift ownership of the platform from IT to each and every person in the business, raising global engagement and awareness to the next level.

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