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We created belief …

with reporting that made an invisible innovator, visible

Making the invisible, visible

ASML, manufacturer of lithography equipment used to make microchips, is one of the biggest, but least known, technology businesses in Europe. Its purpose is to unlock the potential of people and society by pushing technology to new limits. Through innovation it is constantly reducing the scale - but increasing the capability - of what chips can do. We shone a light on its purpose and technology with the theme ‘Small patterns. Big impact’.

Driven by innovation

The first step was to create a report that more confidently articulated ASML’s achievements and the innovations that sit behind them. The report included a Q&A with the CTO, Martin van den Brink, explaining the importance of Moore’s Law – and the vital role of shrinkage - and making complex ideas real by grounding them in the personal.

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Three cornerstones of value creation

ASML’s unique ‘holistic approach’ is fundamental to its success and the mass production by the world’s top chipmakers of smaller, more powerful, faster, energy efficient chips. The powerful triangle at the heart of this approach is the key to its business model, which we introduced to the report for the first time.

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Small patterns. Big impact

The report has been transformational. As well as vastly improving best practice and report structure, our narrative thread ‘Small patterns. Big impact’ allowed us to weave a clear, consistent and inspirational story throughout the reporting content. Together, these developments have created a belief in what ASML is helping the world to achieve.


It won the prestigious FD Henri Sijthoff Prize in 2023 and was awarded silver for Best Printed Report - International at the Corporate & Financial awards.

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