It’s been a crazy few years. In March 2020 none of us could work out how to get our home internet to support video calls and now we’re seamlessly running online workshops and conferences as the economy has bounced back with a vengeance. With momentum ramping up, now is the time to think about getting your communications off on the right foot next year. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the business-critical topics that will dominate next year.

Check out one of the top topics below for inspiration on how to get your communications off on the right foot in 2022:


Stakeholder scrutiny on social and environmental impact is changing all the time. Is the work you’re doing for sustainable change landing with your audiences?


D&I has become a priority for every audience, whether that’s investors, employees, customers or stakeholders. Are your communications doing your D&I journey justice?


Purpose has transcended from a marketing and communications issue to a critical – and often mandated – component of business planning. Are you telling a clear story about how purpose is embedded in your organisation?

Remote working, return-to-office, hybrid tech, The Great Resignation… the future of work is officially here. Do you need help inspiring and motivating your employees – and attracting new ones – in a modern, post-Covid working environment?

You may not be ready for a full rebrand, but something about everything that’s happened feels like modernisation is in order. Whether it’s bringing motion to your logo, a refreshed tone of voice or even just a little visual inspiration, do you want to breathe new life into your brand assets?

Here are some ideas for how we can help you embrace these topics now and hit the ground running in 2022:

  • Visual identity audit
  • D&I comms audit and recommendations
  • Competitor/comparator audit and inspiration
  • Return-to-office animated stings
  • Brand-in-motion exploration
  • Animated logo sting
  • End of year celebration film
  • Report case study film
  • Tone of voice audit and recommendations
  • Photography guidance and recommendations
  • Strategic overview/outlook/launch film (sustainability, diversity & inclusion, purpose, future of work)
  • Employee recognition films (future of work)
  • Brand messaging audit and recommendations
  • Return-to-office comms plan and film
  • Issues-specific tactical campaigns
  • Social strategy
  • Sustainability storytelling for web properties
  • Campaigning annual/sustainability report content

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in this list? Or maybe you know you’re dealing with one of these issues, but you’re not sure exactly what you need? Just give us a call or drop us a line. Ambiguity is our sweet spot. [email protected]


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