9 May 2022
Next Gen. Alumni
What to expect from an internship at RY
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29 April 2022
Seeing and believing – the essentials of great comms planning
By Dan Marsh
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13 April 2022
Extra Shots Reporting Matters Special - Live beyond the report
With RY's Jonathan Shanahan and George Butler, and Mondi's Susan Brunner
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7 April 2022
In the driver's seat: designing Driving D&I
By Lauren Hepburn and Harry Fowler
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6 April 2022
Extra Shots Reporting Matters Special - Standards and Frameworks
With RY's Jennifer Black, Mondi's Susan Brunner and IFRS's Mardi McBrien
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23 March 2022
Double and Dynamic Materiality
Helping organisations transition towards more meaningful impact
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8 March 2022
How to rebalance emotional labour in the workplace
By Jess Hardy
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2 March 2022
From UN guidance to gendered grammar: how to dip your toe into inclusive writing
By Rob Heads
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