When it comes to updating your brand, it doesn’t need to be all or nothing.

The senior buy-in. The search. The time. The work. The presentations. The procurement process. The formality. And – of course – the cost! I know… the idea of a full rebrand, as exciting as it can be, can sometimes make your head spin. And, realistically, you may very well have a decent brand identity already; it seems a shame to throw away all that equity.

But just because you’re not ready for or interested in a full rebrand doesn’t mean that smaller brand investments aren’t of value. In fact, there are loads of agile, cost-effective ways to modernise your existing assets and make your brand feel ‘like new’ without the pain that comes with full reinvention.

Small, incremental changes can make a big difference without being overwhelming. If you’re after a quick and easy brand refresh, here are some starters for ten:

  • Make your identity dynamic – the explosion of this trend is actually a few years old, so maybe it’s time to finally get on board with a dynamic logo. Bringing simple animation, with or without audio treatment, to your existing logo and identity can bring attention-grabbing energy to your brand.
  • Sharpen your tone of voice – do you know your brand tone of voice, but struggle to put it into words? Or has a lot changed strategically and the language you’re using isn’t sounding as compelling or strategic as it could? Now’s the time to take pen to paper and invest in some proper tone of voice guidance to bring pragmatism and consistency to your brand language.
  • Develop photography guidance – when it comes to imagery, whether it’s stock or original it can be really difficult to select the right photos. And, with inclusivity and representation front of mind, it’s even more critical that you make the right choices for your brand. Photography guidelines can go a long way to inspiring strong, consistent visuals across all brand touchpoints, whether they are executed by partners, agencies and marketers alike.
  • Get some inspiration – there has been a lot going in on the world, so you can be forgiven for not lifting your head above the parapet to see what your competitors or comparators are up to in a little while. And sometimes the best inspiration actually comes from a sector or brand that’s totally unexpected. Whether you are interested in best practice for the latest brand marketing trends or you want to see best-in-class brand examples you would never have found otherwise, enlisting RY to deliver some brand inspiration specific to your challenges could be just the ticket for stimulating ideas to refresh your brand without breaking the bank.

These may seem like small, tactical tasks but, when well executed, they can breathe new life into your brand and make your communications that extra bit more compelling – all while avoiding excessive process, churn and spend. And the best part? We can get going on these ideas before the end of the year so you’re starting 2022 off right. If this sounds like what you’re after, drop us a line at [email protected]

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