In these incredibly strange and uncharted times, the content, tone, style and timbre of your communications has arguably never been so important. 

People are looking for more emotional messages than normal. Reassurance. Stability. Hope. Empathy. Trust. And that’s as true for employees as it is for customers or investors.

Film is probably the best tool in your arsenal on this score. Trouble is, so much of what makes great film, well...great, just isn’t practical right now. Filming restrictions have lifted a little since Boris Johnson’s announcement on Sunday, but the truth is that getting crews out on location is still pretty challenging.

More on that to come. For now though – and certainly the next month or so – there’s an answer: user generated content (or UGC). It presents a great option for corporate comms. Read our simple but comprehensive guide for:

  • What UGC can offer your comms campaigns
  • How to plan compelling UGC content that inspires, convinces or persuades
  • Tips for getting great filmed content from your people
  • Advice on how to run a great UGC project
  • A UGC glossary and tech recommendations

Download the guide here 

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