The world has changed. Employees aren’t the same as they were three months ago, and now businesses are tasked with working out how they go about returning to some sort of normality.

Safety will be the number one priority. Organisations need to find ways of implementing social distancing in the workplace, keeping spaces sanitised, and utilising new processes and technology along the way. 

They’ll need to take more care to look after the emotional and mental health needs of their employees as they go, too. People returning to workspaces will be looking for new kinds of reassurance, clarity, direction and support from management and fellow colleagues.

None of this promises to be easy. But clear communications and the right messaging will be a huge part of the mix. RY has a range of experienced consultants that can help with wayfinding, safety communications, Code of Conduct materials, environmental communications, training films and behaviour change comms.

We’ve put together a quick read that:

  • Offers five tips for ‘return to work’ communications
  • Explores how to make sure your employees feel safe and supported in brief
  • Outlines the services we offer in this space – and a snapshot of our experience

Download it here

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