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It has become a coronavirus cliché to say that these are unprecedented times, but they are. The walk into the office over the last few days has felt very different.

RY’s leadership team have been making some complicated – and often difficult – decisions on an almost daily basis for the last few weeks now. We’ve pored over scenario plans, consulted our people and clients, and obviously had a continual eye on government advice to inform our response.

Prioritising our people and our clients

From the beginning our first priority has been the health and wellbeing of everyone we work with – employees, clients and partners. But we’re also prioritising our own business, and helping our clients do the same. Helping our clients make sense of the world around them, marrying insight and creativity (with a high dose of practicality) to deliver powerful, impactful work is what we do. 

Our clients are wrestling with the most diverse range of issues imaginable. We’ve cast eyes over continuity plans, advised on privacy and compliance, provided counsel on keeping remote workers engaged and suggested tech solutions that can help along the way. For some clients we’re offering guidance on ‘essential’ vs. ‘discretionary’ activity. For others we’re just providing an extra pair of hands. 

Keeping productive and creative

We continue to do all this as more and more of us work from home. Working remotely isn’t new for us, but we ran trials last week to make doubly sure we were ready. We’ve brought onboard new tools and training to keep our people productive and creative when working miles rather than metres apart. And we’ve doubled-down on our existing security arrangements to make sure none of this compromises our clients’ information.

What all this means: while none of this could ever be ‘business as usual’, we’re well set up to seamlessly provide the same old RY service to our clients. And, in the meantime, we’ll be starting to share a range of simple, helpful tools and templates for you to pick up and use over the next few weeks when time is going to be at a premium. First up will be practical guidance to help your comms guys and copywriters communicate critical information simply and effectively.

So, whatever your challenge – sustainability strategy, corporate reporting, experiential events, campaigns, employee experience, brand positioning, digital builds, film – we’re on hand to help. Just give us a call. 

For now though, keep safe, and keep in touch.

Carl Radley



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