Like it or not, your next report will be a landmark communication.

It will represent more than a step-change for your business: it will report on a business that exists in an entirely different world. In a matter of weeks COVID-19 revealed the fragility of the global economy and fundamentally reshaped the way we work, shop, travel and interact with one another. 

Already businesses are being exposed to a host of new expectations: investors want a whole new type of reassurance, and new audiences want different kinds of evidence about corporate actions and behaviour.

With this as a backdrop, your next annual report needs to embrace simplicity, runaway transparency and tailored communications. And, perhaps more than anything else, it needs to balance realism and optimism as it focuses resolutely on the future. 

With the landscape seemingly shifting every day, we wanted to help reporters adjusting the tone and content of their investor comms and gearing up for future reporting projects get ahead of the curve. We’ve put together a short guide that, through a series of questions specific to key sections and aspects of your next report, offers practical guidance to help you:  

  • Shape what investors think of you
  • Keep broader stakeholders invested in helping regain your company’s potential
  • Boost stakeholder trust
  • Cement your license to operate
  • And plan your reporting process around changing expectations 

You can download the guide here.

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