87% of young people in the UK are struggling with anxiety. What’s worse than that – 86% of them aren’t seeking help. We’re living in an always-on, Instagram-filtered world of social comparison and the effects are downright depressing. Our client, Kaspersky Lab, wanted to change that. So, this week we launched #AndOwningIt: a campaign to help young people turn their insecurities into strengths by wearing them – literally – as a badge of honour. 

We pitched for this work back in September and have been working over the past 14 months to find a way to build brand affinity among the notoriously disaffected members of Generation Z. Kaspersky Lab works every day to turn insecurity into security online, so we decided to take that purpose one step further and help Generation Z in real life. #AndOwningIt is a first-of-its-kind social justice campaign designed to help end the stigma around mental health by inspiring young people to reclaim the labels that make them feel anxious. Because embracing your insecurities is the first step to taking away their power.

Capitalising on the ironic t-shirt trend, we worked with a sustainable t-shirt supplier to create a custom online t-shirt store that sells slogan shirts based on the things that make young people feel anxious. Working with our brilliant media friends at Altair, we brought the campaign to life with an integrated social strategy including some really compelling influencer posts.

To see the campaign in action, search #AndOwningIt on Instagram or visit https://andowningit.com to buy one of the t-shirts. If you do, be sure to share your own story of turning insecurity into security on Instagram and make sure you use our hashtag – all of the profits from t-shirt sales go to youth mental health charity The Mix, so shouting about your insecurities will help you and other people who are struggling.

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