[Publishing gender pay data] is something that, if approached right, companies can turn to their advantage, says Rachel Carmen, senior consultant at creative consultancy Radley Yeldar. ‘Government have been quite canny with this. They have said this is law and you have to publish this data. It invokes issues about reputation and sets up competition among companies. So now it is all about how to make the best of it from a reputation perspective.

‘At face value, the data can seem quite damaging. For example in the construction industry, the data may well be damning because there is a high level of men in management positions. A number of companies are just not ready for this and they will just publish the data and move on. Those that are more forward thinking are viewing this as a reputational opportunity. This is about establishing a new normal and is about how the company engages culturally but until we start to see the leaders of the pack coming through we won’t see fast change.’


....Radley Yeldar’s Carmen says it is vital that companies are honest and transparent about their position and they must be prepared to say what they are doing about it. ‘If is just some flannel from the chief executive or HR director but no clear strategy and how this will be effective, then it won’t work.’


Read the full feature in Corp Comms Magazine.

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