Branded video trends develop at terrifying speed. Brands, governments and charities have been early adopters of moving image technology ever since film was invented, never more so than now. That envelope will keep getting pushed. 

So what do industry leaders think we should look out for in 2018? How will creative film and tech blend? We put together a panel of 12 wise people. Today in Part 2 the emphasis is on tech and data trends. Part 1, published yesterday, focuses on content and strategy while.

Video goes live

Dagmar Mackett, Film & Video Possibler – Director, drp

The old days of webcasting are over, but brands have rediscovered live ‘broadcast’ for external and internal audiences as a fun, effective means to engage. We increasingly see brands hosting subtly branded live videos on social. If a brand you follow ‘goes live’ it sends a notification to your device, appearing at the top of your feed, so you can always connect.

Companies are also increasingly using live ‘broadcast’ to connect with their internal stakeholders, often chat show style, and sometimes hosted by celebs. We’re seeing internal live programmes in the round, One Show or Top Gear style, with live interviews, Q&A, and even entertainment by well-known artists or bands, doing live sets.

Great potential reach, super engaging for the audience – and free!

Social video drives innovation

Emily Clements, Head of Film, Radley Yeldar

The ever-increasing use of video on social media, including business social, will result in a number of shifts in the way moving images are commissioned and delivered. Here are three:

  1. Audio – 85% of videos are viewed without sound on Facebook. We need better visual storytelling with intriguing and eye-catching design, emotive captions and attention-grabbing descriptors.
  2. Personalisation – more video content will be personally targeted. This could be through personas, or inviting people to share their own content to be used in truly personalised ways.
  3. Square video – the compromise between the landscape format of film and the vertical viewing on social media will influence how we conceive, shoot and deliver projects.

Evaluation informs creative

Paul Gowers, Creative Director, Buddy Ltd

With brands increasingly switching their focus to digital, the demand for videos watched on the predominant social platforms will continue to grow. Film content will evolve into longer and shorter formats that are adapted to specific platforms and designed to engage relevant audiences.

Analytics will play a larger role in how we work. Traditionally, we received a brief and delivered a lovely film. We had little real understanding of how well the film was delivering on its aims and objectives. Now it’s possible to see playback fall off rates, engagement and comments immediately. This can inform our creative. We’ve always believed that a successful film needs to deliver on emotion, now we have the tools to prove it.

This was featured in Moving Image News. Read the full article here

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