Do you want to help create a world that believes in business? Are you looking to join a fast-paced and dynamic agency, working with some of the world’s biggest brands? Do you naturally combine expertise in campaign planning and behaviour change with a passion for sustainability? This senior role is responsible for leading and building one of the most visible and impactful offers in the RY roster. As sustainability continues to be the strongest driver of our growth, you will need the right experience, expertise, and passion to make a success of the opportunity. In short, this could be the career-defining role you’ve been looking for.

Purpose of the role

Our vision is to create a world that believes in business so it is fitting that sustainability is the fastest growing part of our offer and accounts for over 20% of our overall revenue. It has evolved from a singular reporting offer to embrace both strategy and campaigns. We manage our client offer through those three lenses (reporting / strategy / campaigns) and each one has its own offer director. Being able to understand and offer solutions across that mix is our USP in the market and clients come to us because we can deliver technical expertise, strategic thinking and creative storytelling, all under one roof.

Sustainability Campaigns embraces all our work in connecting key sustainability topics to a range of external audiences. Our aim is to, inevitably, to inspire and to change behaviours. Over the last few years, we have been responsible for creating successful campaigns that persuade hardened smokers to stop smoking; citizens all over the country to recycle more; millennials to look after their private data better etc. The topics we are engaged on most frequently are recycling, the natural environment, D&I and health.

Our SC work intersects with a range of other offers outside of Sustainability in general – Brand and Employee Experience in particular – and we realise our campaigns through a range of channels including film, digital, outdoor, print and experiential.

Our vision also means we undertake projects that help organisations connect meaningfully with multiple audiences around key issues, from carbon neutral initiatives to tackling food waste.

The Sustainability Campaigns Director is therefore tasked to lead one of our most exciting offers and build on our burgeoning reputation for effective behaviour change around topics that are central to creating a more sustainable world.

Responsibilities include

An expert Consultant:

As an offer lead, you will need to be an expert practitioner and have superlative consulting skills. You will be an expert at gathering client requirements and interpreting their needs; highly skilled at bringing clarity to what is being said and what is needed. You will make clients confident that we understand exactly what they want. You will make the RY team feel that they know exactly what’s required of them.

Strategic leader:

You’ll lead the strategic thinking on Sustainability Campaigns at RY from start to finish and will be an expert practitioner in two key areas:

  • Effective campaign planning
  • Behaviour change theory

You will also need strong literacy with the sustainability agenda. We are not expecting you to have deep technical knowledge but you will be expected to be fluent in the SDGs, what good sustainability strategy looks like, materiality approaches and latest trends in how corporates, countries and organisations are embracing sustainability. Your success will be judged on your ability to connect sometimes difficult topics with unsophisticated audiences to effect positive change.

Offer Driver:

Under your direction, the Sustainability Campaign offer must continue to grow in line with our ambitions. Achieving this will include:

  • Working closely with the Marketing team.
  • Working closely with the Business Development team.
  • Partnering with Client Services and Creative
  • Spotting opportunities for cross-selling/up-selling with clients
  • Keeping abreast of industry developments, trends and technologies

Commercial Owner:

You will be responsible for the business hitting its revenue goals for SC, as well as helping it also deliver on its profit and customer satisfaction targets.

Compelling leader:

Being the RY Sustainability Campaigns director also means you must be an exemplary leader and a key voice in helping RY itself both become more sustainable.

Being part of our Sustainability Steering Team, helping build the success of the offer as a whole and encouraging more and more colleagues, partners and clients to embrace projects and opportunities


  • You’ve worked in the agency world for over 8 years, latterly becoming a senior player. You are well-versed in how to deliver effective and commercially viable solutions to a wide range of clients. Similarly, you know how agencies work, how to navigate chaos and how to keep teams of talented, passionate and stressed people motivated, inspired and on top of their game.
  • As an expert in campaigns, you have strong planning skills. You understand how to define target audiences meaningfully, how to unearth ‘penny-dropping’ insights from research, how to write a killer creative brief and how to support the development of big creative ideas that will inspire change.
  • You’re passionate about improving our society and our world meaningfully, and have bucketloads of experience advising on and developing clients’ around sustainability campaigns and behaviour change
  • Passionate and convincing, you have an authentic style and you talk and present confidently. You’re a leading voice in successful pitches.
  • You write brilliantly, inspiring readers with engaging, thought-provoking content that attracts clients to RY.
  • Commercially astute, you’re adept at identifying and implementing commercial actions that aid the maintenance and growth of RY. You remain on top of forecasts and you’re easily able to identify and implement what’s required to meet targets.
  • An inspiring leader, and effortless team player, you motivate your team and foster a joined up, engaged culture. People feel valued and that their careers are progressing in the right direction.
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