This is a brilliant opportunity to join our award-winning independent agency in the heart of The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. Project Assistant's at RY add valuable support to the Client Service team. This involves adding administrative value to project and client managers on their work (to give them more time to focus on growing clients and delivering better projects), as well as working with more senior members of the client group team, including the Group Client Director, to undertake research and other tasks that contribute to project and client development.

The Project Assistant role will offer a great start to a career at RY as you will be exposed to how client servicing works from the ground up.

Responsibilities include

- Working on live projects with Project Managers, looking after the day-to-day admin tasks (writing up meeting notes/setting up project numbers/setting up meetings/putting together budget reports/being on call for ad hoc client queries etc). Also, related to live projects is support with trafficking work through production.

- Helping research sectors/companies/trends/other agencies etc for live projects, new business, or RY’s own projects.

- Helping the Group Client Director with admin duties. Setting up team meetings/writing up team notes/sorting out travel arrangements.

- Learning how to use all the RY templates and adding value through applying them consistently to all the Client Group presentations. Helping other members of the teams understand how to use them and showing them best practice.


- Previous experience within an advertising, communications or branding agency is desirable.

- You’ll be the epitome of a ‘can-do’ person. Always helpful, always seeking out work.

- You take pride and care in the work that you do, as well as work that the project team delivers.

- Has a strong hunger for understanding the topic of research and brings a good enthusiasm to research assignments.

- Capable of managing upwards even the most senior people at RY to ensure they are delivering on their commitments.

- Completes administration tasks such as filing and calendar maintenance to the highest order.

- An excellent listener and interpreter of what is being said in meetings. A producer of notes and actions points which are both accurate and well-laid out.

- A proactive contributor to meetings (when appropriate), frequently offering ideas or asking questions.

- Strong written work, including excellent proofreading and grammar skills.

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