This year, Vodafone celebrated 30 years since the first mobile phone call was made in the UK. In that time, Vodafone has grown from a UK mobile company to a multinational telecommunications leader with 446 million customers, mobile operations in 26 countries and fixed broadband operations in 17 countries.


The key objective for the year was to simplify Vodafone's reporting in order to achieve clear and concise communications in line with FRC guidance.

Keep it simple

To achieve the simplification objective, we helped Vodafone pare back its reporting, including for the online 'quick read' annual report. This is produced specifically for retail investors and wider stakeholders and clearly linked from – clicking on the report title takes users directly to the reporting hub.

Layouts are designed to be simple and give an optimal user experience.
Mobile view

Vodafone has a large retail investor base that is interested in top line information but does not require the same level of detail as institutional shareholders. Our solution was to create a responsive microsite that could convey the core theme for the year - ‘confidence in the future’ - in a snapshot that can be consumed in a few minutes.

Conveying 'confidence in the future' in a snapshot

The landing page, comprising an intuitive but engaging tile design, includes the key reporting elements of business model, strategy, results and sustainability approach, as well as a short but engaging video that encapsulates Vodafone’s year in two minutes. Clicking through into the focus areas gives a soundbite, supported by key statistics. Layouts are designed to be simple and give an optimal user experience. For audiences looking for more detail, there is also a downloads section in which the full pdf or major report sections can be found.

With over 33,000 visits and an average session rate of 1min 20 seconds the site has excelled at reaching those stakeholders looking for a summary of performance.

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