Vodafone is an international telecommunications company. Today, more than 500 million customers choose Vodafone. In late 2017, the network went through a complete rebrand, with a new slogan ‘The future is exciting. Ready?’. Our challenge was to reflect the pace of change in their 2018 reporting suite.


The Challenge

Vodafone was reinventing its business model through ‘Digital Vodafone’ which will transform its business and deliver leading customer experience. The challenge for the 2018 printed and online report was to reflect the impact that it has on enabling a range of exciting new technologies, whilst also communicating how its strategy and business model are changing to support its future digital focus.

What we did

We needed to build on what already was a solid report, by advising on targeted improvements to design, structure, narrative and process. Working closely with the Vodafone brand and digital teams we immersed ourselves in the new future-focused brand positioning strategy ‘The future is exciting, Ready?’ and visual identity which needed applying throughout its annual reporting suite. The positioning strapline was used as the main theme and was threaded throughout the narrative – focusing both on the year’s performance and describing what the future might look like in a rapidly changing market.

We helped develop the business model to reflect the digital transformation opportunity and simply show how it delivered value for society and returns for shareholders. The online report needed to reflect not only the new brand strategy but also Vodafone’s drive for digital excellence. Through a deep dive into the analytics since 2010 and a focus on audience behaviour, we found there was an equal balance between those who preferred detail, and those who preferred concise, summary reporting, as well as a trend that favours mobile browsing. We needed to come up with a concept that satisfied both, on whatever device they were using.

The result

The printed report successfully integrates the new brand positioning and digital future messaging, whilst aligning to best-practice reporting in a detailed and engaging way. The online approach is a simple yet informative, user friendly, swipe-as-you like experience with user-selected levels of detail which has reaped rewards: mobile traffic to the site is now approaching an 80% majority and report downloads has increased year-on-year. This report digitally showcases Vodafone as the future-focused communications company it is today.

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