The challenge was simple: get more visitors from France, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA to explore the Inverness region and give them a compelling reason to stay. 

Bold, sharp and inviting - the official 'Tips for Monster Hunting' video

Research showed that Loch Ness (and its famous monster) is still a magnet for international visitors. But it also showed visitors didn’t stay for long or explore the surrounding area. 

Setting big targets

VisitBritain wanted to deliver £21.6 million in incremental spend, 31,700 more international visits and 400 tourism jobs by 2020. To help them, we needed to:

  • Increase awareness of Inverness with target audience
  • Drive traffic to their campaign site
  • Increase average stay length for target audience by 2020
Highlighting the peaceful beauty that is Inverness
Highlighting the benefits of Inverness for all ages

A campaign built on insight

We used data from tourism agencies, travel review sites and lifestyle analysis from our target regions to identify audience types – Adventure Seekers, Curious Travellers and Natural Advocates. Then we analysed previous competitor campaigns in an in-depth marketing audit. We discovered that, despite being the best-known feature of the region, other campaigns ignored Nessie. So, we decided to embrace her.

‘Tips for Monster Hunting’ is a campaign built on the idea that if you really want to spot the monster you have to get to know the area and the locals. It’s a fun, simple platform that allowed us to highlight the many different features of Inverness. Following a successful Phase 1, Phase 2 was launched in September 2016 and it’s already had some great results.

Using playful phrases to capture the fun

The measurements


Impressions on all digital advertising units


Unique users for all digital channels


Show intent to travel through online behaviour


Positive comments on social

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