UBM recently redefined its corporate strategy to focus on “Events-First”. The company believes that, in this digital age, connecting on a meaningful, human level has never been more important. RY’s challenge was to develop a brand that truly reflected this – both internally and externally.

UBM believes that human interaction will always have the edge on digital communications. That’s why the company has adopted an Events-First corporate strategy – placing face-to-face interactions at the heart of the brand.

As a sector leader, UBM recognised its brand had to reflect this new positioning. With a new website ready to launch and the Events-First strategy well underway, we needed to work quickly ensure the brand lived up to both internal and external expectations. 

The insight that unlocked the idea

To help us identify what makes UBM unique, we ran a series of one-to-one interviews and workshops with the company’s managers and leaders across the globe. The core insight we uncovered was that attendees always leave a UBM event in a different state of mind than they were in when they arrived. Whether it’s the people they meet, the ideas they share or the deals they make, ultimately UBM events inspire change.

This insight presented the perfect platform for UBM to position itself as the curator of these transformations. The Magician was defined as the right archetype for the brand, giving us a clear sense of the brand’s personality and character. Anchored on the archetype, we then created a single-minded thought that brought together the strategy and the insight, reinforcing that people simply have to be at the events to see the magic happen. ‘See you there’ became UBM’s core idea.

Bringing the magic to life 

Based on the archteype and the core idea, we delivered a complete brand identity for UBM: core story, brand personality, visual identity and guidelines. We then created an inspiring film designed to spike internal engagement with the new brand. The result was an energetic and effective communications campaign that dovetailed seamlessly into the brand’s marketing strategy. In the words of our client.

“Radley Yeldar has led us through a really thorough and thoughtful process which resulted in a refreshed brand identity which encapsulates what UBM does. The refreshed brand feels authentic to the culture of the company and employee and customer reaction has been great.”

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