Travelers is a household insurance name in the US, but isn’t as well known in the UK. The company was looking for a communication partner that would help attract new customers, and ultimately build trust in this unique market.

Defining the challenge

Our challenge was to help define what the Travelers brand should stand for in the UK, and develop integrated marketing campaigns that would capture the attention of a diverse audience, from small businesses to multinationals.

Establishing the direction

Travelers marketing campaigns had historically been delivered in isolation, focusing on a single product rather than their comprehensive suite of services. We saw an opportunity to bring these siloed campaigns together, root them in insight and join them up tonally and visually. With an eye to positioning the company as a multi-niche specialist provider, we concentrated on why Travelers is best suited to deliver the right solutions for multiple types of businesses in key sectors. To support this approach we introduced a ‘direction of travel’ – a set of principles to guide the multiple campaigns and ensure we clearly positioned Travelers as knowledgeable, approachable, experts with a strong partnership focus.

Delivering together

Whether raising awareness, demonstrating expertise, driving sales and enquiries, or providing event and internal collateral, we support Travelers with integrated campaign thinking.  Our creative ideas have come to life through brochures, direct mail, digital advertising and content, trade advertising, landing pages, emails, internal presentations, factsheets, whitepaper designs, giveaways and interactive PDFs, all delivered by RY’s in-house production teams. We also support with strategic marketing steering, audience insight, campaign planning, copywriting and innovation ideas.

 Together with the Travelers team, we’ve made some great progress in a short period of time. And we’ve only just begun.

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