The Thomas Cook Group is the oldest and best-known name in leisure travel, thanks to the inspiration and dedication of a single man. Thomas Cook began his international travel company in 1841, with a successful one-day rail excursion at a shilling a head from Leicester to Loughborough. From these humble beginnings, Thomas Cook launched a whole new kind of company – devoted to helping Britons see the world. 

The Challenge

We have been working with Thomas Cook’s reporting team since 2013. In a competitive and disruptive travel market, Thomas Cook has placed its focus firmly on the customer experience. The aim of the 2018 report was to show how the mantra of ‘customer at the heart’ sits at the centre of everything they do from their culture and strategy to risk and remuneration.

What we did

We worked closely with the Thomas Cook team to maximise the impact of the travel company’s brand and to bring to life ‘customer at the heart’. An engaging introduction to the business was developed upfront in the report to highlight how Thomas Cook is responding to customer needs, how its culture is centred on customer, how its strategy is focused on customer contact and care, and how the overarching business model reflects the customer journey.

This total focus on customer continues in a detailed discussion of strategic and financial performance.

The result

The 2018 annual report is a great example of how a report can demonstrate strategic direction based on stakeholder value. Thomas Cook’s financial performance is determined by its ability to deliver to its customers. This frank and honest approach to reporting not only give a picture of past performance, but also a picture of future direction and purpose.


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