It starts with the customer

Thomas Cook has been on a rapid journey of transformation over the last few years, placing customers at the heart of their business. This is reflected in a new visual identity within the printed annual report, using a heart device to signal this commitment clearly. The 2015 annual report provided the first opportunity to communicate the changes to the investor community.

The travel market is changing rapidly, and Thomas Cook has been transforming its business to respond to and lead that change. With a new brand and a new CEO in place, the 2015 printed report was an opportunity for the company to draw a line in the sand, and articulate exactly how its claim to put the customer at its heart was being convincingly delivered through the business.

Thomas Cook’s commitment to the customer is inescapable in the report. From the front cover, through the strategic report; the experiences that create value for the business are given prominent exposure.

The strategic report signals a clear connection between the measures the company is taking to enhance the customer’s experience - from booking through to after sales service – and the operations put in place to deliver those experiences. End-to-end customer focus helps to build loyalty, and ultimately creates value in a very demanding market. The result is a clear and convincing case for how a rebrand with a strong focus is backed up by robust business model.

I am very pleased with the service I received from RY in respect of our 2015 annual report. In particular I valued their flexibility in adapting to our changing requirements. RY’s experience in producing annual reports was evident, and meant that I always felt the project was in safe hands.

Holly Ward

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