TEDx events are famous for ideas worth spreading. The UK’s Houses of Parliament are an iconic embodiment of democratic process. How do you bring both brands together, creating an identity that uniquely expresses their combined contribution to debate in the form of TEDxHousesofParliament? A challenging brief for any team; even more so for the team of bright young recruits and student interns we asked to help tackle it.

A distinctive visual identity

TEDxHousesofParliament brings people together to share their thoughts around the subjects of democracy and representation. For three consecutive years, UK Parliament has successfully hosted an annual TEDx event that engages speakers and audiences in meaningful conversations. Our challenge was to help the event tell its unique story through a new and distinctive visual identity.

The brief identified the need to reflect the TEDx purpose, ‘ideas worth spreading’; the essence of the event as a festival of speakers; the subject matter around democracy and representation; and the iconic Houses of Parliament buildings.

Voice of London

Whilst not exclusively a forum for young people, TEDxHousesofParliament seeks to engage new audiences with Parliament, including younger generations around the importance of democratic participation. We extended this youthful emphasis by sharing the brief with our own pool of bright young recruits and interns. The result imaginatively emphasises the 'Voice of London' purpose at the heart of the event’s stated mission. The identity re-drew the shape of the Houses of Parliament building as a 'sound wave'. The device is both immediately recognisable and infinitely extendable to event collateral, scaling up to dress the stage with impact and scaling down to promotional merchandise.

Our work was revealed to the public on the day of the event, which was attended by 800 people and viewed by hundreds of thousands online. By putting edited film footage from the day on the website, we’ve spread those ideas even further. We received excellent feedback from the audience and great media coverage by leading publications, including Design Week and Creative Review.

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