Many of the world’s greatest inventors often go unnoticed, whilst their thinking makes profound changes on the way we live.

Since its inception in 1969, Steria has been at the forefront of some of the most important technological advancements of recent years. From the introduction of the first calculator and the design of the first prototype laptop computer, Steria has helped shape how the world stays connected, informed, entertained and secure. 

With such an enviable and pioneering list of ‘firsts’, Steria wanted to share its own remarkable story of success with a wider audience, both internal and external, and its 40th anniversary gave us an ideal opportunity to do so – with a little magic thrown in.

Our initial plan was to create a commemorative publication for Steria that could provide a showcase for all their accomplishments over the last 40 years. The ensuing result is a book which brings to life the company’s achievements with a very human touch, inter-twining individual personal stories and memories of Steria’s employees with key moments in global history.

The book sparked such enthusiasm for the Steria brand that we were soon planning an ambitious 40th birthday campaign culminating in a fantastic party and exhibition at one of the world’s most iconic venues, the Pompidou Centre in Paris. We created a theme that focused on the groundbreaking ‘firsts’ achieved by Steria over the last 40 years, and projected it in print, interior dressing and film, produced by RY’s in-house moving image team.

What was achieved

  • Event
  • Exhibition concept design and dressing
  • Invitation design
  • 40th Anniversary book
  • Interactive, participatory
  • Video
  • Print and production
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